technicolour TV FACE

Formed in early 2018 by sTeVe (vocals/guitar) and Brigit (bass/vocals) and joined by Neil (drums) in May 2019, the band called TV FACE are a DIY, postpunk trio from Lancaster, UK.

The band called TV FACE embarked on a project to release a single on the last Friday of every month during 2020, and despite the pandemic, the band have continued unabated with the monthly release project. Each single has been recorded and produced by the band, in a variety of DIY locations, including cellars, bedrooms and cupboards under the stairs. The singles will be compiled into three, limited edition, four track CD EPs released in April, August and December, with screen-printed artwork designed by sTeVe, and handmade by the band. Available on

“Whatever it is, it’s backed up by tight bass and drums and huge reverb laden guitar textures, unfolding a grindhouse tale of fear and paranoia.” – Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6 Music

“We’re gonna exhilarate into the future now, TV FACE with ‘Work Hard Have Fun’” – John Kennedy, Radio X

“It’s just absolutely fantastic! It’s music that smashes against the walls and floors and ceilings and changes shape upon each ecstatic, erratic, elastic bounce…It has the essential quirks and awkward pop sensibilities but also possesses that feverish, fearsome, hardcore swagger” – Louder Than War


Lancaster, post-punk, human